We were responsible for the transport of the Philharmonia tour this August and September. The tour incorporated Bucharest, Verona, Merano, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Luxembourg and Brussells.

In September two extra drivers flew out to Salzburg to assist the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra tour in Austria (this tour was before the London Philharmonia Orchestra) and went to Wiesbaden, Salzburg, Graffenegg, London, Lucerne, and Bucharest.

We had one challenging moment when the open air concert in Graffengg had to be re-planned due to untimely storms.  The right decision was made to re load all the instruments and move to a second venue under cover.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with the London Philharmonia Orchestra and The Pittsburg Symphony Orchestra and were honoured to once again be part of their team – another successful Pulleyn transportation.

Well done everyone!

Here are a few moments that we have captured along the way on the tours this August and September 2017

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